The First Summer

Diane Hoy
cat981 cornfield996 cornfieldtrees993 daisys1015 daisys1017 fencepost991
cat981.jpg cornfield996.jpg cornfieldtrees99... daisys1015.jpg daisys1017.jpg fencepost991.jpg
field990 field998 house1001 patio1010 road1000 road999
field990.jpg field998.jpg house1001.jpg patio1010.jpg road1000.jpg road999.jpg
trees1003 treesbldgs992 cart1132 fenceposts1114 fog1093 fogdogs1091
trees1003.jpg treesbldgs992.jpg cart1132.jpg fenceposts1114.jpg fog1093.jpg fogdogs1091.jpg
treelinedogs1121 vieweast1113 flags1140 polebarn1151 redpolebarn1267
treelinedogs1121... vieweast1113.jpg flags1140.jpg polebarn1151.jpg redpolebarn1267.jpg
butterflyinfield1306 fieldweeds1282 fieldweeds1285 fieldweeds1290 fieldweeds1298 plumtree1298
butterflyinfield... fieldweeds1282.jpg fieldweeds1285.jpg fieldweeds1290.jpg fieldweeds1298.jpg plumtree1298.jpg

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