It doesn't happen very often
God makes a mortal man,
who's sparkling eyes and friendly smile
make everyone his fan.

But you surely were that mortal man.
You were the best friend many had,
and then there are the lucky ones
who were allowed to call you "Dad".

So it was hard for us to hear you say,
you wanted peace today.
But we put our arms around you,
and whispered "it's ok".

With tearful eyes we watched you
as you began to fade away,
Although we love you dearly,
we just couldn't make you stay.

So when we saw you sleeping
so peacefully that night,
we could only wish you well
as you began to take your flight.

A golden heart stopped beating,
a father laid at rest.
Our mother watches from above,
waiting for the best.

You've dreamed of being with her
since that very day she passed.
Today you're back together,
holding hands again at last.

Although we'll miss you dearly
and our love for you is true,
we'll hold on to all those memories,
and give thanks for our time with you.

Sleep well, Dad - We Love You.
(and please say "hi" to Mom for us)

Diane Hoy - 1997