Fosler Cousins Reunion
August 21-23, 2009

Don, Rose, Terry and JoAnn Vogt put together a WONDERFUL reunion in Colorado
for the Orin and Grace Fosler cousins.

It started in the evening of August 21st with dinner at Terry and JoAnn's home in Evergreen.


Day 2, August 22, 2009 started with a trip up the mountain to Mount Evans which is 14,240 feet to the summit. The mountain goats were abundant (How do they survive living there?) Some of us trekked to the top and were rewarded with spectacular, refreshing views. Once again, the weather could not have better. While it is often cold at the summit, it was not on this day.

Have a look at our "Climb to the Sky"


After our little climb, we were all hungry so we drove down to a roadside picnic table in the Arapaho National Forest. What a beautiful area that is! Anyway, there we were provided with a wonderful lunch of cold cuts of all sorts, chips, fruit and of course, the champagne and caviar that one would normally pack in a picnic lunch...


After our little gourmet lunch, we had about 3 hours to run back to the motel for a quick shower before we headed out for dinner and drinks at the world renowned Buck Snort Saloon in Sphinx Park near Pine, Colorado. It was a beautiful drive there which included the narrow, winding road from Pine to the "saloon". This is a very Colorado, very rustic, full of character place. It is a very popular place even though the building (as well as some of the houses in the area that looked to be teetering and ready to fall into the stream) would not pass building inspections in very many cities, I'm quite sure. We ate good food, wrote on dollar bills to tack on the wall, drank good beer (or whatever), and had a great time. I think we were all ready for a rest by the time we left the Buck Snort Saloon...


Our final day, Sunday August 23, 2009 was brunch at the home of Don and Rose Vogt. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. We even got to meet some of Don and Rose's family who were enjoying the swimming pool when we arrived as well as brand new baby Mary. Rose outdid herself and prepared an excellent meal for us and Don kept us in refreshments. At this time, we managed to snap some group pictures.

I can't thank Don, Terry, Rose and JoAnn enough for putting up with us all for the entire weekend. I can't believe the fun they had planned for us and it all came off beautifully. Even Mother Nature cooperated and provided us with picture perfect weather the entire time. I also want to thank Terry for the beautiful Ancestor books that he made for us all and Lin Johnson for putting together the old movies on a DVD for us all. Both put in a lot of work and it is greatly appreciated.

Let's do it again, maybe in 2011?